An NYCWTF excerpt

This is a true story. It actually comes from my book NYCWTF which is all 100% true stories. But I was just thinking about this one so I am posting it here, as well. Go buy the book and make my publisher think it was a marketing strategy. My doorbell rang. I wondered who was […]

We all live here

You’re not good enough. Everyone around you hates you because you’re lagging behind where they are. Everyone is laughing in secret. You’re a talentless joke. Keep trying, you can’t catch up but it’s funny to watch you fail. I bet you think that’s well done. You fucking joke. Every day. Every night. The demons come […]

Do the work

So I got a tattoo today. It’s my 40th birthday, and so I decided to get myself something. Here it is, just after it was finished: Yup, it sits on my inside left arm, where I can see it constantly. That’s the idea. This is 100% for me alone. It’s about writing, sure. But it’s […]

Dream spaces

I dunno. Maybe everyone does this. I honestly don’t know. But since I was a kid I dream in reoccurring places. Not real places, mind you. But buildings, homes, apartments, structures – that are the same as they were the night and week before. I will then have dreams in that space generally until I […]

Goat Rider

A pitch for something that will never happen but I want to share it anyway. I mean if someone wants to pay me to write this for Marvel, I 100% will… Beatrice Albinson saw something she shouldn’t have. The robots came for her, at night. They didn’t want her to tell anyone. No one could […]

Portland – polite garbage… wait…


After spending 38 years in NY (with tiny exceptions for a few years in Boston) I moved to Portland this past October. And already the changes have started. It’s… strange, but in no way unwelcome. The first thing I noticed was that Portland seemed too polite. Like, I mean NYers are polite (we really are) […]