Fuckpig: The Series

Fuckpig: The series is brought to you by a grant from the Dear Lord, What Now Foundation. The Dear Lord, What Now Foundation – When it just has to be said and done.

Interior – Fuckpig’s Lair

Dr. Xalarian: So, Fuckpig, I have found your lair at last! Now I can, and will, destroy you!

Fuckpig: Fuck you, motherfucking fucking fuck! Cunt tits shit cock!

Dr. Xalarian: So you say, Fuckpig! So. You. Say. But the world shall be mine!

Fuckpig: Twat knuckles! Ass raping scat clown, eat my testicles with honey.

Dr. Xalarian: Yes, you will be trapped here and *Xalarian brandishes his laser pistol* die!

Fuckpig: Mothersucking sphincter sucker!

*Fuckpig leaps at Xalarian*

Dr. Xalarian: AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my SKULL!

*Fuckpig skull fucks Dr. Xalarian until his head is a bleeding gelatinous mass*

Exterior – Suzie’s house, later that day

Suzie: I’m so glad you could join me for tea time, Fuckpig.

Fuckpig: Awww, AIDS rabbit, clit-faced slurp slurp fuuuuuuuck.

Suzie: *giggling Later can we go play on the swings?

Fuckpig: Urine drinking rodeo whore!

Suzie: YAY!

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