It’s come to this. Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, Erin Siobhan Keaskin and I made you a comic. A comic starring Darkseid. It made sense to us at the time.

Read the rest, or Darkseid will be cross!

8 Responses to “ “DARKSEID IS… alone”

  1. George S. says:

    I bow to your infinite wisdom and mercilessness, Darkseid!

    (and unless my eyes deceive me, is that a Yuki and Ananth cameo I see?)

  2. ESiobhan says:

    Ahem….possibly >.> <3 <3 <3

  3. el fro says:

    Well played, Knave and Keaskin. Well played indeed.

  4. Holmes says:

    This is lovely.

  5. ESiobhan says:

    Thanks :3

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