An Exclusive Interview with Glee Band Member Scott Henson

If you watch Glee then you are familiar with the Glee Band. Well, a while back I wrote a bit of satire (I’m With the (Glee) Band) involving the Band and what they really went through. Just because it amused me. And that was the end of that.

Until the bass player in the band (Scott Henson) found it, and then it exploded. Both he and John Lock (the drummer in the band) were nothing but wonderful and so I, being who I am, took advantage of that and asked them for interviews. John Lock’s Interview is here. Scott Henson was still to come.

You see, I asked them to join me for crazy, silly, magical interviews asking questions you will see no where else, ever.

So let’s talk to Scott Henson, bass player, ninja turtle, Glee guy:

Adam P. Knave: How long have you been playing bass?

Scott Henson: I’ve been playing bass for about 10 years now. I graduated from The Musicians institute’s B.I.T. Program in Hollywood with the Outstanding Student award (ah Thank you)

APK: How have you enjoyed your time on Glee so far?

SH: It has been almost a full 2 seasons on the show now and so far it has been So Much Fun, the whole cast and crew are the coolest! I feel Very lucky to be apart of it all.

APK: What have been a few of your favorite songs done on the show so far?

SH: Oooo good question, I’d say “River Deep” for sure, just a fun tune. “PYT” was stuck in my head for about a week after doing it and I was totally ok with it so I’d say that’s another one ( Gotta Love anything M.J.). and one that’s sticking out in my head is “Forget you” that song is just too legit to quite and ummm… Gwyneth Paltrow… need I say more?!?!

APK: Has there been a song chosen you absolutely hated?

SH: You’re asking for a song I “Absolutely hated” huh? Ouch. I’d like to think I don’t harness feelings of hatred that strong. I’ll change that to “Wasn’t your Favorite”. the second time we did “Don’t stop Believing” you know, with the key change any all?!?! Not my fav. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve kinda had my fill of that song by now.

APK: Now, understand, I’m a huge supporter of the Glee Band and think they should get their own spin-off series but I have to ask… does your character have a name?

SH: No name, if we had names they would feel like we’re real people so it would be harder for them to ignore us I think.

APK: If he doesn’t, I suggest you name him right now. A World Wide Exclusive! The character name for the bass player is?

SH: Well I’ve actually had conversations about this with my partner in crime John Lock, his theory is that we must be Foreign Exchange students, which makes some pieces fit together, so if we’re going that route I’d probably be a Johan or Sergio or something but I think we the band wouldn’t go by our “Real” names we would have sweet nicknames, Like Patches or Snickers or like Splinter.

APK: All right, then, Snickers is it! Now this is sounding like a sweet gang, as well as a band.

APK: As far as a spin-off series goes, highlighting the lives and times of the musicians that even the school outcasts seemingly won’t talk directly to, what would you call it? Band?

SH: Hmm it would probably be something Boring like “William McKinley Jazz Band” or maybe a little edgy “Speak out ( the Glee Band Story)” or it could go a bit more inspirational like ” Turn up and Speak up” they’ve got options haha!

APK: Actually what is going on with the fact that the Glee kids won’t talk to you? I mean, not you personally, I assume they recognize you as a lovely human being! I meant your character, and the band in general.

SH: I feel like the Band are like the younger siblings of all the glee members, like they just use us for out music talent but ignore us because we’re their annoying little brother or sister. oh snap in that theory, John maybe is Finn’s Half or step -brother or something like that: little brother. That’s why he feels he can just run over take over his drums all the time. Just a thought.

APK: While preparing this a friend asked me, and I in turn ask you, if people who are “geeks for Glee” are “Gleeks” are people who are fans of the Glee Band called “Glands”?

SH: Hmm I thought fans of bands were groupies so maybe fans of the Glee band are Gloupies ?!?! Uuhhh hhmmmm I’m not sure how I feel about that, lets keep thinking.

APK: Have they ever explained how the entire band seems to teleport into rooms like tiny band ninja? If they haven’t, should we simply consider you all ninja? Sneaky, sneaky ninja?

SH: Good Observation Adam, We’re pretty much like the new Ninja Turtles without being turtles (“I like Turtles”) Jon Lock is “Michelangelo” the party Dude, Mark Nilan on Keys is like “Raphael” a badass yet sensitive, Spence who is on the guitar is “Donatello” the awkward genius, and I’m “Leonardo” the lovable leader. With Ninja sneaky and musical skillz instead of fighting skillz.

APK: Outside of Glee, what are you working on and where can we hear it?

SH: I’m unfortunately In between projects right now but I’m working on Writing and playing with a few artist so I’ll keep you updated. here is my music myspace if you want to hear some tunes I’ve recorded on:

Well there you have it! We’ve formed a gang, become ninja and realized the connections in little brothers. I feel we’ve each grown, as a person. I’d like to thank Scott Henson for doing this awesome little bit of fun and you should go to his music page and give a listen!

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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  1. David August 24, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    Dear Adam,
    That entry was hilarious! It is sad that it was curtailed. I would have purchased “Glee, The Dark Side-Memos, Notes, Comments and Other Miscellaneous Items That Were Ever Present but Never Mentioned On the Programme” (*see pg 69 for the ghost from the gym that Sue traumatized so bad he needs therapy from Freud’s ghost)

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