Canadian purchase

So I had an idea recently. It started with offering bad names for a friend’s soon-to-be-born child. She suggested I get my own. But then she said “buy” and I thought about it and came up with a better plan:

I would like to buy a Canadian.

Why a Canadian instead of a baby? Look at the facts!


  • Know from decent beer.
  • Come with vouchers for free health care.
  • Also come with a raffle ticket and chance to win a free Zamboni.
  • Enjoy hockey.
  • Still dislike Quebec.
  • Know who Don Cherry is.
  • Fear the power of Don Cherry’s jackets.


  • Yell all the time.
  • Poop and pee all over.
  • When they aren’t spitting up.
  • Can’t buy me a beer.
  • Or discuss a good book.
  • Or do much of anything because they’re BABIES.
  • Can discuss Don Cherry, though, oddly enough.

Now, the Canadian I buy must also be willing to pretend to be an extra cat, as I am not sure about the legality or buying a Canadian, really, and also my landlord might mind. We could be zoned for no Canadians. So, yeah. Pretend to be the cat. This isn’t some creepy cat costume thing. It’s just, you know, should the authorities show up, it should go down like this:

Cop: Hey! Is that a Canadian?

Me: No, Officer. That’s my other cat.

Canadian: *lies down on floor, sleeps*

Cop: Looks an awful lot like a Canadian.

Me: Had to pay lot for such a rare cat breed, I tell you that, sir.

Canadian: *claws the couch*

Cop: Hmmm, well, I suppose… Canadians would be hard pressed to claw couches, after all.

Me: That they would, Officer, That. They. Would.

So, the cat thing is a must. Also, please note:


  • Canadian babies – nice try but we’re onto you. Stupid babies.
  • Celine Dion – Stay back, foul demon woman.
  • Alan Thicke – There have been several reports of people returning their Alan Thickes for refunds and I want none of that.
  • Québécois – Seriously guys. Stay there and push for separation again. Dorks.

So, yes. Looking to buy a Canadian. Shouldn’t be too hard.

9 Responses to “ “Canadian purchase”

  1. I suspect my wife would gladly sell me to you for cheap.

  2. APK says:

    @Schmutzie – Wouldn’t wanna break up a set! Can not afford two Canadians. *SADFACE*

    @lee – HAH

  3. Jen O. says:

    I can not even begin to express how offended I am by the gross stereotyping going on in this post. We don’t ALL like hockey. We do, however:
    ◦Enjoy some good, strong beer
    ◦Carry health cards that are like Get Out Of Jail Free cards, only with less jail and more hospital
    ◦We actually each have our own Zambonii. They’re safer to drive than cars
    ◦Quebec is ridiculous and I can’t understand a word they say
    ◦Don Cherry is my nemisis
    ◦Because he blinded me with his jackets.

  4. schmutzie says:

    But Adam, we come with three extra cats! Maybe you could hold a fundraiser.

  5. APK says:

    Jen – Don Cherry will eat your soul.

    Schmutzie – But you two + 5 + my cat is like SIX CATS, 5 of them CANADIAN. That’s crazypants.

  6. leel says:

    i made an impulse purchase of 1 black cat mask at the dollar store just yesterday. coincidence? i think not.

    i also come with a cat clan. 3. if i can sneak them from my husband. he might not like this plan.

  7. APK says:

    leel – My worry is too MANY cats…

  8. katy says:

    we called my son cletus before he was born…cletus the fetus…many of our friends still refer to him that way.
    also, a few years ago, they made molson minikegs that were dressed like don cherry:

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