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Random story idea that I know I’ll never get to. Started off with the story and then I got the title in my head and winced. It might feel like this all leads up to a joke title but honestly, the construction was the other way around and I think the story itself could be a lot of fun. So I put it all here for you to enjoy. So, you know, enjoy:
Michael and Lauren were the best of friends. They’d grown up together and managed to remain friends through puberty, high school and college. Now, they’ve graduated and are out in the world, looking for their place in it. Michael has ideas of being an artist, but also seems to make a good short order cook. Lauren has a knack for fixing cars, and wants to own her own garage. They’re working it out.

Until a flash of light and a dead body change everything. Lauren found him, the dead man, in her guest room. He was naked, except for a pair of sandals, and surprisingly light. She called the Police and then called Michael. Michael showed up. They stood there, trying to work out what to do until the cops showed up when the flash of light hit them.

The light came from the dead body itself and threw them through the nearest wall. Which, Michael was sure, should have hurt. Except it didn’t. At all. When they realized that, they moved the body to Michael’s before the Police showed up.

Since then Lauren has found herself able to move faster every day and Michael has the ability to spin lies and humbug that people believe every time. Every day they get slightly more powerful. Which is good, since they’re also being hunted.

Things started coming around, and hunting them. Hooved, furry, snorting, horned things. Along with centaurs, glowing, floating men and women and even stranger manner of being. All of them looking for the dead man, who isn’t decaying at all.

They’ve realized, since, that the dead man was a God, and his friends are looking for him. Slowly, the God’s powers are leeching into Michael and Lauren, which is the only thing keeping them alive, but can they achieve demigod-hood before they’re killed?

They’re about to find out…

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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