You want to fund your Kickstarter. You want to get out there and get noticed! That’s awesome!

But here is where you are doing it wrong:

If you message me on Twitter, DM or just an @reply, asking me to consider your Kickstarter and I don’t know you do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to look at your Twitter feed. and if I see it is 90% or more just you @ing people, strangers, to support you – I will never give you a cent.

If you email me out of the blue, like old time spam, and tell me about your project, chances are I will never give you money. Ever. Chances are worse when the email is badly written and boring. Just FYI.

Look, you want your thing to succeed. You need eyeballs on it. I get that. But spamming the world doesn’t win anyone to your side. We want to support you but it’s hard when all we get are lists of “@PERSON Please support my new Kickstarter!”

No. No I will not.

Build relationships. Write essays on why it should be supported, what makes it great, and what it means to you. Talk about the project and be a human being. If you send spammy emails and your Twitter feed reads like a damned spambot – you will be treated as such.

This isn’t hard, and it makes me sad, because I know the people who do this, in general, are good people who really stand behind their stuff. I just refuse to reward their behavior with even a cursory glance.

I love Kickstarter. I have backed a lot of projects, probably more than my wallet would have liked. I do it because I adore seeing people who are passionate about their creations hit the ground and just put it all out there. So I enjoy it when I hear about a Kickstarter project that is something I can get behind.

So please, please, don’t just spam people. Be a human and relax a little. You can still get funding, more so if you aren’t a Robodouche about it. Promise.

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