The Glory, The Glory – ep 49

So… episode 49 of The Glory, The Glory with Aidan Morgan and Adam P. Knave happened. We spent some time being mundane and talking about things like coffee and then took off to discuss Lisa Loeb (yes, really) and Community. Also note no show next week but when we DO return it will be our 50th. So hit us up on twitter (@adampknave or @palinode) comments to this post or email and ask us questions or tell us what subjects you’d like us to discuss on the big 5-0! But for now…

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The Glory The Glory

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2 Responses to “ “The Glory, The Glory – ep 49”

  1. Dylan says:

    The animated Tick is better because it had the Firesign Theater in it, and the live-action Tick only had Peter Bergman.

  2. APK says:

    The live-action Tick had Warburton, it had the amazing Nestor Carbonell – no, both shows were fantastic. Also the live action retained more of the flavor of the original comics.

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