On Monday, I’ll be 38. It was a while back that I realized shit needed to change. Part of that was me living in NY. I grew up here. I’ve lived here most of my life with tiny stints in other locations. I’ll always be a NY’er. But trying to make a living freelance writing and editing while living in NY is one of those things, that… well it’s doable, but rarely happily doable.

You have to take a lot of gigs you despise, and even the cost of living here is sort of fucked up. So it comes down to that most important of things:

Quality of life issues.

With that in mind, I started to seek out a plan that would let me improve my quality of life, overall. I found I was starting to, just at the edges, be done with New York in a sense.

This isn’t to dump on NY, but I have a rule: New York rebirths itself so often that you need to fall in love with the current version every 5 to 7 years. When you find yourself not falling back in love with it – consider leaving before you grow to hate it. I don’t ever want to hate it in NY. But let’s face it – NY actively doesn’t want you here. You have to fight and push for every inch and that can be wonderful – it is an accomplishment and a matter of pride to make it here. But it is also exhausting. I have nothing left to prove, I’m just not interested in it. I’m good, ya know?

Everything there adds up to: Time to move. But this is me. I’m a NY’er. I’ll always be one, of course, but… I’m the guy people say they expect to live here forever. Hell, I’m the guy who expected to live here forever. Life, however, takes its own turns, and fighting them for the sake of fighting them isn’t often useful. My life turned toward leaving and instead of fighting it, I realized it felt right and leaned into the idea.

But to where? Somewhere I had a bunch of friends. Somewhere I had a bunch of professional contacts. Somewhere cheaper to live, that felt like a good place to set down a few roots, and someplace I could see myself long term.

So, like everyone that has ever worked on a comic book, I decided to move to Portland.

But, me being me, I had to make this complex. I didn’t want to just rent out there, because renting is expensive long term and I was in a position I could actually afford to buy a home. So I did. I now own this house:

And yes, it is in Amelia Cole colors (and if you buy ISSUES or the PRINT TRADE you are now helping me pay off a house. So do that.) That was a happy accident. The buying of the house is a whole long story in itself. Another time.

The major thing is: come mid-October I will not be in New York. I’m sure I’ll come back once or twice a year, or whatever it is – but past that I’ll be on the other coast.

Some tiny other facts:

  • Laszo is moving as well. We get along nicely as roommates and he can drive so until I learn that is also a huge help. And company is good.
  • Yes I will be learning to drive. Fear it.
  • To start I will still have a day job, it will just be working from home part time.
  • If you want to hire me as a writer or editor I now have many more hours to fit you into my schedule. So, hey, let’s talk.
  • This also means if you thought I wrote a lot before… watch out.
  • The cat is in denial. I tell him to pack and get ready for a move and he looks at me like “I don’t understand English, Thumb-boy.”

So. Any questions?

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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