This is how you get Pants.

Yesterday we had to go out, Laszlo and I, to do a bunch of errands. Along the way we ran across a Petsmart. So, hey, Watson needed a new cat tree thing to hang out on and in we went.

At the door was a place adopting cats. One of them really wanted to come with us. So we decided we would think, and go do our errands and come back. Of course we decided yes. And of course they were gone by the time we got back.

So today I spent about 40 minutes on the phone. Calling Petsmart to find out the name of the place, but they gave me the wrong name, and so I did a run-around and eventually got the right name, and the wrong number so more hunting… and anyway – long story slightly shorter – 40 minutes later I knew where the cat was, that she was still up for adoption, and that we could go get her today.

Of course she was an hour away. Out the window go the Sunday plans! In the car go us!

I think the shelter thought we were kinda kidding when I said we were coming. I explained the whole story to them and they basically shook their heads and said “Yup. Here’s a cat.” and then we drove back with a cat in a box. Who yowled some unless I opened the box to give her a hand to nuzzle. And lick. And purr against.

We just got home and she’s wandering the house exploring. Watson is following her. He’s half hissing at times at her back. She’s ignoring it. He’s just following. Neither seems upset about the other, Watson is just confused and wants to make sure she understands that this is all his stuff. But maybe, eh, she can probably borrow some of it.

She is, sadly, moving around too much to get a good picture but here is one from the shelter.
We debated a few names: Catain Marvel. Zuul. Lucky. The shelter calls her Turtle. But no. She has a name.

Her name is PANTS. Unless we’re angry. Then it’s Pantaloons. Obviously. We managed to not walk into the shelter and declare “We are here for our Pants! Bring out our Pants, please and thank you.” but it was tempting.

So yes. Pants. She’s an adorable love furball. Yup.

UPDATED – got a good pic of her:

7 Responses to “ “This is how you get Pants.”

  1. Dei BallsBallsBallsBalls says:

    What’s this strange feeling in my heart? Is that…warmth??

    P.S. Is Watson still dating the Swiffer duster?

  2. OH no his quick fling ended almost as soon as it began.


    I’ve never loved a name more. Brilliant! My Brody adoption story is similarly hassleawesome. I think that’s how you know you are adopting the right one. It has to take at least one day of running about.

  4. Joe says:

    So now, when someone notices you’re not wearing pants, and they say oh god, why don’t you have pants??”, you can just say “uh, she’s right over there!””

  5. Joe – Yup. Also if she ever gets out we can stand around yelling PANTS! PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS!

  6. Joe says:

    And I can come over with a laser pointer and play with your pants.

  7. Elan Morgan says:

    She’s a cutie patootie.

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