Politically Correct – The Dumbest Term in the World?

You know why people love to toss around the term Politically Correct as a warding sign against ancient magics of hoped for equality? Why any notion of the idea that “Maybe we shouldn’t do this any more” is met with a backhand smack of “Oh, the P.C. Police!” by legions of (primarily) white folk?

Reducing the idea of equality to “Political” correctness distances us from the fact that it is, in fact: Human Equality.

If you blame politics, well everyone hates politics, right? See, this isn’t about equality anymore, it’s about them silly politicians trying to force us to do stuff. That way you get to keep your status quo, not have to think and realize how (often) institutionalized inequality has been furthered by your own actions and everything is safe and calm. For you. you selfish pricks. For you.

Tossing around the term Politically Correct, P.C. Police etc pushes the entire concept of equality into a realm where it is something we are forced to do, and yet also something that is just silly to consider. It marginalizes it and says “This isn’t a real problem, it’s stuff people are making up.”

Which, really, hey, fuck you.

Equality is not a zero sum game. Diversity is not a zero sum game. It does not threaten you, you scared little people, except in your brains which are somehow convinced that equality is totally a zero sum game – where you lose if everyone else is at your level. Why? Why is someone having the same rights as you so scary?

And if it is jobs, because how often to do we see “Well I don’t want people to get hired because they’re filling a quota” – two things:

FIRST: If it is a place where almost no one of color or non-male gender is hired then YOU are being hired to fill a quota. The quota is just “White men.”

SECOND: Why are you so scared? Do you not actually qualify for your job? If there were more applicants are you so convinced your job will be lost to someone else because you know they’ll be better?

Look, there are only so many comics out there. Only so many writing gigs. And I wish for more people, more distinct voices, to enter the field. Will this result in me getting less work? I don’t think so, but I’m confident in my ability to compete. I’m also confident that more voices and more diversity will up everyone’s level and increase the overall quality of the work produced across the board. Competition is healthy. Diversity is healthy. It makes us all better at what we do. Don’t fear it – embrace it and up your game.

I’ve gotten a bit off topic. Sorry.

But when you hide behind distancing terms like “politically correct” we all know you’re just fucking scared of having to treat everyone the way you want to be treated. You’re scared of losing your inherited privilege. You fear equality because it means you aren’t special just for being born.

BONUS ROUND: The standard arguments section:

1) “I’m a white male, but I don’t have privilege, I’ve been (poor/passed up/hard working/etc) and I didn’t get a leg up!” Untrue. Your privilege is in everything. The game of life still isn’t easy but it is easier for you than for many others. Sorry.

2) “I was (passed up/passed by/unfairly let go/etc) because of a politically correct movement!” Translation – you couldn’t compete. Sorry about that. Try harder.

3) “Those People can get jobs in (field X) they just don’t want them!” Well, first of all, if you actually said “those people” stop right there, apologize and try again. But, really? You know everyone? You’ve talked to them all and come to this highly scientific conclusion? May I read your research, please? I’ll wait…

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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