Artful Daggers: Fifty Years Later

Fifty years after a time traveler brings science and technology to the medieval ages, corporations have replaced kingdoms, and the future teeters on a bleak precipice. Agents and assassins, hired for their specialties by the rivaling companies, stem the flow of information with the flow of blood. But the current system can’t hold, and the balance of power is shifting… This print edition of Artful Daggers: Fifty Years Later, created by writers Adam P. Knave (Amelia Cole) and Sean E. Williams (Fairest) and artist Andrew Losq, includes a foreword by Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Mice Templar, and The Victories), a preface by Jacques Lamarre (Director of Communication and Special Projects, Mark Twain House), and pin-ups by some of the top artists in comics.

Artful Daggers is a wildly inventive series. It combines swashbuckling, science fiction and corporate intrigue to something like Mad Men would look like if it was set in the past and involved a lot more stabbing. There’s no other book like it.” – Alasdair Stuart,

“It’s one of my favorites, if not my favorite, of the Monkeybrain books.” – Chris Thompson,

“It’s Losq’s art that deservedly steals the show here… The colors are so vivid, so intentional… More people should read this book. It’s smart comics, requiring attention and dedication from the reader to match the effort being put in by the creative team.” – Andrea Shockling,

“Wow. Do I ever love the artwork for Artful Daggers? Like a manic version of Chris Bachalo, Andrew Losq’s art here (his first published comics work) is highly stylised, extravagant, and utterly compelling.” - Steve Morris,

Artful Daggers draws readers down into a clever, violent, wily world of thieves and schemers possessed of power far beyond the morality of the age. Cunning heroines, crafty friends, and lively artwork with splashes of shifting color lead readers through a wild maze of loyalty, conspiracy, and ambition…” — Marguerite Bennett, writer Batman, Lobo, Joker’s Daughter

Artful Daggers is sword & sorcery sent spinning sideways with brash artwork and bold characters.  The alternate world narrative creates unexpected sparks and the visual style is eye catching.” — Jim Zub, writer Skullkickers, Street Fighter, Samurai Jack

Written by Adam P. Knave & Sean E. Williams

Art by Andrew Losq

Letters by Frank Cvetkovic

ISBN-13: 978-1613778852

$19.99 Print | Also avil as a webcomic

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