Culture’s Skeleton

Casey is a retired Combat Musician, making a living playing small gigs at her local bar. Jake is a professional con man. Caught up in events they never wanted a part of, they must now save everything they love, working through obstacles strange, frustrating, and occasionally impossible, in an even more impossible city. And if they’re really lucky they’ll find a new couch, which has nothing to do with anything really.

They live in Mur, the first human city. Long since cast adrift in time and space, it is secretly protected by three Forces, believed to be myths: The Cat With No Face, The Grandmother of Keys, and The Silent Heart. Accessible by seven gates that randomly appear on the other side of any door on Earth, in any time, Mur slides along the path of humanity silently. If you’re not careful, or possibly if you’re fortunate, you can end up there.

I fell in love with the fantastical allure of Culture’s Skeleton almost immediately. Following Casey and Jake’s adventures in their unique city felt like coming home after a long time away.  Adam P. Knave has crafted a delightful world that is one part Harlan Ellison, one part Garth Nix, but this sweet story’s grip on my heart is entirely the fault of Adam alone.  -  Andrea Shockling, Subjective Line Weight

Adam P. Knave’s Culture’s Skeleton wields its words as a weapon, one carefully and meticulously crafted with piercing ammunition of zero f**ks and pure wit. At times biting, leaving nothing safe, but gripping you in his world building to give cultural comfort. This is high-performance fiction with an aftershock of satire through characters that may already live inside the deepest parts of our minds; Adam has laced their boots up tighter and given them agency to take us with them. – Ryan Ferrier, Criminy

Culture’s Skeleton is an invitation, a whispered exhortation to follow Jake and Casey’s story, one of the many stories that sustain the Eternal City of Mur. Knave’s writing is intimate and engrossing without veering into voyeurism. There are more stories here and I’m greedy for them all. – Marianne Kirby, Hogtown Market

Culture’s Skeleton by Adam P. Knave pulls off its brand of sci-fi among the best I’ve ever read.– Tiffany Rose, Bone Diggers

Culture’s Skeleton is the most unique book I’ve read this year and truly a one of a kind literary experience. It’s beautifully poignant, creatively weird, and bizarrely relatable. – The Modern Gafa

ISBN-13: 978-1926946085

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