I Slept With Your Imaginary Friend

Ever wonder what the sound of a life far-too-examined might be?

The thoughts and ravings of someone raised on too much pop culture and left to stew in his own thoughts?

Well, just add some Internet, a large dollop of caffeine and… you end up right here.

I SLEPT WITH YOUR IMAGINARY FRIEND is a wide-ranging collection of Adam P. Knave’s various humor writing from across the Internet, spanning close to a decade. As an added bonus, I SLEPT WITH YOUR IMAGINARY FRIEND contains doses of recent short fiction for extra literary flavor.


* Luke Cage’s invasion of a sovereign nation
* The real true facts about Pop-Tarts
* Details regarding Superman’s hoopty
* The secret behind spam e-mail
* Ninjas, mad scientists, talking trees, disco super-heroes, annoying children from the far-flung future, AND MORE

ISBN-13: 978-1894953740

$3.99 Digital | $9.95 Print

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