Misc. Older / Out of Print Works

There’s a bunch of stuff that was published in magazines,  or collections that has since gone out of print. Also some novellas, comics and so no. So here’s a partial list in no particular order:

Action Cats (comic one-shot)

Meat (No Longer Dreams anthology – prose)

High Noon of the Living Dead & Dead Side Story (The Dead Walk Again anthology – prose)

Two Drunk Minimum (Fish Drink Like Us anthology – prose)

Futuristic Cybernetic Assassin Fairy Hasballah (Bad-Ass Fairies anthology – prose)

Mr. Binkles and the Curious Case of Changed Perspective (Cthulhu Sex Magazine #22 vol ii – prose)

Mister Binkles and the Highly Adaptable Future (Cthulhu Sex Magazine #24 vol ii – prose)

Ode to Brains (Cthulhu Sex Magazine #13 vol iii – prose)

Strange Angel (original short) & After These Messages… & Pretty Dead Gilrs(Dark Furies anthology – prose)

Flesh Wounds (The Dead Walk anthology – prose)

Agents of the W.T.F. (comic one-shot)

Crazy Little Thing (novella)