Hey. Thanks for looking at this book. You know most people just keep walking, so you’re already a special little flower in my life. You’re awesome and I care about you! So, right, the book. Well, first of all you may have noticed this blurb text is in the first person. This isn’t some corporate shill thing, no. This is me, Adam P. Knave, the guy what wrote the book you’re holding, writing this. Maybe because I’m crazy. Maybe because my publisher is too cheap to hire good corporate shills. Who knows. The important part, the thing I want you to take away from this blurb, assuming you’re still reading it, is that this is a book filled with stories. True stories from my own life in New York. These are the types of stories I would tell you in a bar, if we were in a bar and I was telling you stories. I mean I don’t just walk up to strangers in bars and start speechifying. Often. But yes. This book, NYCWTF, is full of nothing but 100% true stories about New York. They’re strange, sometimes funny, and occasionally embarrassing. I have no shame. Actually, true fact, when you start writing they make you leave your shame at the door. Come on, don’t believe me? Please note I’m writing this blurb myself. Right then. So, my special dollop of joy, who is still reading this overly long blurb, do us both a favor and buy the book. You’ll laugh and enjoy it and I’ll make a bit of beer money. NYCWTF – it reads kinda like this blurb. Except stranger.

ISBN-13: 978-1894953955

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