The Endless Sky

The explosive sequel to THIS STARRY DEEP!

Oh God, oh God, oh God, Mud’s leading the team this time. Duck.

Stepping into his parent’s boots, Mud Madison (please stop calling him ‘Newt’) is still breaking in his new Insertion Team. Everything is going smoothly enough, until the answer to a long-standing mystery forces them to deal with a mulit-versal incursion that no one was prepared to accept as even possible.

It’s five against the impossible. Luckily they have each other. And gravity packs. And blasters. And grenades.

Adam P Knave is here to save pulp from itself. In a time where the past is viewed through rose tinted goggles it’s beyond refreshing to find an author this concerned with modern sensibilities, characters that do actual THINGS and fun. Brilliant work from a force for good in the field. –Alasdair Stuart, host of

ISBN-13: 978-1926946061

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