The Once and Future Queen

It’s out with the old myths and in with the new as a nineteen-year-old chess prodigy pulls Excalibur from the stone and becomes queen. Now, magic, romance, Fae, Merlin, and more await her! Lend her your axe as the creators of Amelia Cole start a new age of adventure!

* The legend of King Arthur is reimagined for today, featuring a team of characters with East Asian, African, and British heritage and diverse sexual orientations.

* From the team who created Amelia Cole, which ran for five arcs at Monkeybrain and IDW.

Written by Adam P. Knave & D.J. Kirkbride

Art by Nick Brokenshire

Letters by Frank Cvetkovic

$3.99 an issue in Digital or Print

First issue out 3/1/2017

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