Turn to Paige Never

Worried about strange happenings near you? Freaking out over demons and death cults stopping by to order a cup of sugar or steal your memories? Don’t know what to do?

Then turn to Paige Never.

That was the best advice around–until recently. These days she’s nowhere to be found; dead, retired, lost, or possibly all of the above. Now one mildly confused guy will have to work to bring Paige back to the fold so she can get neck-deep in saving the world again.

Alternate dimensions, monsters, cults, powerful hidden civilizations, and endless diner coffee all combine to create the biggest threat Paige has ever dealt with, assuming she can be bothered to care.

“All eyes on Paige Never! No one knows what this fast-talking hero will do next. She’s a mix of Mary Poppins and The Doctor, who can’t seem to just retire in this fantastical world with a double shot of surrealism that makes Adam P. Knave’s writing so fresh.” –Rose Sinclair, Suicide by Ghost

“Paige’s constantly-roaming train-of-thought and the colorful visuals in this read remind me of Douglas Adams’ writing, but it’s also very conversational and natural. ” — Sequential Tart

ISBN-13: 978-1926946115

$7.95 digital | $16.95 print

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