The Once and Future Queen’s Future

Hey! I heard you have some really important news about The Once and Future Queen? We do. We do. What has happened? Issues #3–#5 of The Once and Future Queen have been cancelled, in print and digital. But there will still be a trade collection of the full series released in November. You can order it by clicking here, right now, in fact. Why did this happen? The comic industry is a fickle thing. The Once and Future Queen was well received by press and its readers, and while it was growing in market awareness, print efforts have been shifted to the book market so we can grow and reach our target audience.  So you guys failed then? The hell you say! We crafted a story that we are deeply proud of, that everyone involved is deeply proud of, and that will see the…

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Be decent human being

Because this still needs to be said: — If you assault someone – you assaulted them. They didn’t deserve it, ask for it, or anything of the sort. You did it. You. — Blaming the harassed for being harassed is not only counter productive it is also part of the problem. — Not helping people and keeping quiet when you see people harassed, attacked or otherwise assaulted makes you part of the problem and insures things will not get better. — Being an ally also means knowing when to shut the fuck up, when conversations aren’t about you, and when to step away. — If you are not of the group being attacked and harassed, chances are you do not know what it is like. You think you do. You may have a clue. But chances are you really don’t….

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