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Amelia Cole and the 99-cent Sale!

Amelia Cole and the 99-cent Sale!

In case you somehow missed it I co-write a comic about a woman named Amelia Cole. The first arc, AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD has ended and the second arc, AMELIA COLE AND THE HIDDEN WAR begins tomorrow.

In celebration of the launch of Amelia Cole and the Hidden War #1 tomorrow we’re arranged for all six issues of The Unknown World to go on half-price sale. That’s right – 99 cents for each 22+ page issue, but only for a few days!

So click here to take advantage now, and more importantly, if you could – tell a friend!

Amelia Cole Merchendise – Lemmy Head Pins

Amelia Cole Merchendise – Lemmy Head Pins

In order to celebrate the Feb 20th release of Amelia Cole issue 6 we decided to make a very short run of our first Amelia Cole merchandise. So, working with Jennifer Cunningham of Jen Hearts Art the Lemmy Head Pin (2″) was created.

When I say “working with” I mean Jennifer was told what we thought would be awesome and then she made it even cooler than it was conceived.

The pin is hand-crafted and painted, so each is slightly different. They are two inches in diameter and use a butterfly clutch pin for extra strength. Here are pictures of the pin:

Look, a pin!

And now for scale – a shiny quarter!

Want one? Act fast

* There are only 12 for sale.

* They cost $15 US (incl. shipping).

* They will arrive in a box way too big for the pin. Don’t ask. They’re the shipping boxes I have.

* Payment will be done via PayPal, yo.

* One per person.

So there ya go. 12 pins. $15 bucks a pop. Payment via PayPal. All pins will ship by (or before) 2/9.

Oh, right, you need a PayPal button. Click it!

I want you to read comics.

This Sunday is my birthday. As such I am asking you all for something. I’m asking early, because Sunday is a sucky day to ask for things. But I am asking each and every one of you to help me out.

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World is dear to my heart. Issue Two just came out ( buy it here), if you didn’t know, and Issue One is still for sale (buy it here).

Amelia needs your help. Small independent books rely on word of mouth and ground support more than anything else. We have to build a base and spread the word.

Each issue is only $1.99 – so yes I am asking you to spend four dollars on me. $3.98 if you want to be picky. But if everyone reading this spent that four bucks Amelia would be in a really strong place. Also, for your money you get FIFTY pages of comic in return. So that doesn’t suck. You can buy both issues right here.

However, because I’m mean, or something, that’s not all I’m asking. Look, a lot of you have bought at least issue one, and we deeply appreciate that! But I need to ask you to tell people. Post about it on twitter, mention the book on Facebook, review it somewhere, make a set of images from preview pages on Tumblr – if you like the book spread the word and help other people find it as well. That’s how the book remains healthy and keeps coming out.

Amelia Cole is one of the books I’m working on to put my money where my mouth is. I wanted to read comics that had strong, realistic female leads, were fun, could be read by anyone and that were full of action and hope and adventure. Stories built around characters that would grow and change. D.J. Kirkbride and Nick Brokenshire felt the same way. So here we are. We keep hearing people want this sort of book and we’ve put it out in the world. Now we need your help to prove that it can thrive.

So yeah. for my birthday – spend 4 bucks and get 50 pages of comic book, and then spread the word. That’s all I’m asking.

What is Amelia Cole and the Unknown World? It’s the story of Amelia Cole, a woman who used magic to help people, even when the police were against it. Because it was the right thing to do. Often headstrong and impetuous, Amelia makes choices on the fly and pays the price. Frequently that price is steep. It’s a book good for folks who like Harry Potter or Buffy. Amelia Cole and the Unknown World is a comic good to hand to kids (12+ technically but we think more like 10+) and adults. Magic, urban fantasy, light-hearted fun with a darker streak of consequence and growth. That’s what I’m asking you to support.

The book is out from Monkeybrain Comics and available via Comixology. Amelia Cole is written by me and D.J Kirkbride, has art by Nick Brokenshire and islettered by Rachel Deering.

PLEASE NOTE: You can read Comixology books in your browser, on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet or the Amazon Kindle Fire. But, most importantly, in your browser. you don’t need a smartphone or tablet to enjoy the books. You just need a web browser. You have one – you’re reading this in it. When you buy a book from them you can access it through any device that is logged in with your account, too. So you can take it with you.

So there you go. That’s what I want for my birthday. I want you to buy and enjoy some fine comics, and spread the word as much as possible. You can buy both issues right here. Thanks, guys.

(Please note, preview pages from issue 1 were sprinkled throughout this post. Below are preview pages from issue 2 – they may spoil some stuff from issue 1, so read at your own risk!)

Amelia Cole

This week Issue One of the new comic I’m co-writing comes out. That’d be Amelia Cole and the Unknown World. Co-written by me and D. J. Kirkbride, drawn by Nick Brokenshire and lettered by Rachel Deering, Amelia Cole is a book I am terribly proud to be involved in. You can buy the first issue by clicking here.

Let me, also, clear up a few things I’ve seen people ask us about Amelia so far:

* The book is only $1.99! The first issue is 28 pages of story. Issues 2-5 are planned for 22 pages, issue 6 might be a bit longer again.

* Yes, Amelia is a monthly book! It might be five weeks and not exactly four once or twice just due to scheduling but here is where we back that up: Issue two is already finished! Issue three is being worked on now, and scripts for the first six are already written. We are ahead of the game and working hard to do everything we can to make sure we are not late on our goals.

* The first arc will be six issues. But what happens after that? We do more issues – at least that is the current plan. Future arcs will be titled along the same lines. The first arc is Amelia Cole and the Unknown World the second arc will be Amelia Cole and… well obviously we aren’t going to reveal the next arc’s name yet. But like Indiana Jones, or Hellboy, we plan on every arc having it’s own fun name. The Unknown World is just the start.

* Yes, like all books from Monkeybrain Comics Amelia is digital only to start. We are looking into how we will do print trades, but we are planning that, indeed.

Here is the solicit for issue 1: Ages 12+ Amelia Cole lives in two worlds — literally. One runs on magic, the other built on technology. When the barriers between those worlds start to break down, Amelia and her aunt Dani must take extreme action. It’s the start of whole new world in adventure, magic, and excitement as Amelia Cole steps forward to do what she knows it right, even when the consequences might be wrong. Written by Eisner and Harvey award winners Adam P. Knave & D.J. Kirkbride, drawn by Nick Brokenshire, and lettered by Rachel Deering.

The Stranger, in Seattle, says: ” The one to look out for here is Amelia Cole and the Unknown World, which is about a young woman trying to find a third way between the real world and the world of magic. Nick Brokenshire’s art is dense and cartoony at the same time, and it manages to convey action and personal moments with great clarity. At $1.99, it costs a buck more than MonkeyBrain’s other comics, but it’s also a lot longer and a lot denser than the rest of the books, and way more interesting than any first issue Big Superhero has published in the last few years.”
And now some preview pages for you to enjoy:

We really do hope you’ll check Amelia out, it’s a book we truly love making and one we stand behind. So, please, enjoy it! Again, you can get it on Comixology by clicking right here.
And if you have any questions for us, want to talk to us in text or on your podcast – drop us a line. You can leave a comment here or mail me (adampknave @ gmail) and we can go from there.

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World

Time for a look at another comic project – this one with D.J. Kirkbride and Nick Brokenshire. Here’s a way early sneak at a cover, for you:

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