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Blog editors.

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because I’m a neurotic space monkey with enough spare time to test tools and report on them for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, I remain a monkey, in a capsule, in space. Oh god, I’m running out of aiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr… But why did I use Grammarly? That’s part of […]

Social Media Kinda Sucks

This is how we are taught to behave by social media: Move without thinking. React without compassion. Lash out at anyone who is coping in a way that is not your way. It’s dangerous. Worse yet, it’s unfriendly. Social media is the most antisocial thing around. But we drink it in. We tell people who […]

Compared to who?

Do not compare yourself to other people. This isn’t easy to do. It really isn’t. But it can be crucial. I can not put out a book and look at the sales and think “Well, Stephen King would have sold more.” – of course he would have. I am not Stephen King. Sad for me. […]

Why is busy good?

Being busy isn’t something to be proud of. At some point in the recent past we got brainwashed into thinking that being constantly busy and having no time to stop and think was admirable. That’s utter bullshit. Passed down by people paying for labor, the idea lets you give up vacations and downtime happily – […]

SEO needs to die.

You know what doesn’t work? SEO. It’s bullshit. Flat out. Sorry, guys. But the entire idea that you will sell more/get more customers/readers/etc. by upping your ranking on a damn search engine is broken at the core and meaningless when you look at it. We can start with the fact that 99% of all SEO […]