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Dream spaces

I dunno. Maybe everyone does this. I honestly don’t know. But since I was a kid I dream in reoccurring places. Not real places, mind you. But buildings, homes, apartments, structures – that are the same as they were the night and week before. I will then have dreams in that space generally until I […]

Goat Rider

A pitch for something that will never happen but I want to share it anyway. I mean if someone wants to pay me to write this for Marvel, I 100% will… Beatrice Albinson saw something she shouldn’t have. The robots came for her, at night. They didn’t want her to tell anyone. No one could […]

Blog editors.


I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because I’m a neurotic space monkey with enough spare time to test tools and report on them for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, I remain a monkey, in a capsule, in space. Oh god, I’m running out of aiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr… But why did I use Grammarly? That’s part of […]

Social Media Kinda Sucks


This is how we are taught to behave by social media: Move without thinking. React without compassion. Lash out at anyone who is coping in a way that is not your way. It’s dangerous. Worse yet, it’s unfriendly. Social media is the most antisocial thing around. But we drink it in. We tell people who […]