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You know I utterly forgot to ever mention this here: I write a new weekly column at Three If By Space. It’s an ongoing look at things in SF/F that either annoy me or make me laugh. Or even just make me think about them a lot. I’ve written a bunch already actually, and I’ll link them below but it’s a weekly thing (not on a specific date really) so I’ll try to remember to link to them in small batches every week or three. Anyway, the column so far –

Unfairly Comparing Stories is Killing Your Own Future Enjoyment.

Nothing Against You, Being Human US, But Go Away.

The Contradiction of Vulcans.

What to expect when you’re expecting Science Fiction finales

How to increase SF/F TV ratings with 5 simple ideas.

Movie Villains: When did the villain become the hero?

Why Can’t A Doctor Who Companion Just Be A Companion?

Happy Fourth of July.

While celebrating this Fourth of July, we want to bring you a special message from Captain America himself. Captain, if you would?

“Learn to BBQ correctly! What are you? A Commie Pinko
bastard? Just, come on! No, don’t add more sauce! You
stupid… just move! I’ll do it! No, it’s fine, just move!”

Captain America – our greatest patriotic hero, standing up for the ideals of what this country could be, but kind of a dick at BBQs.



Wow I have been bad about keeping up with this.

There was another two parter on Things Wrong With Me. Episode 103 and Episode 104 which make up The 2010 Not-So-Great Drink-Off

Legend of the Burrito Blade updated of course.

On Mamapop I wrote an Uncap of House. An Uncap? I’ve never seen the show. So I watched the most recent episode and wrote about it in all my confusion.

Of course there was also a new Interpretive Dunce. This week it was Joy to the World by Three Dog Night.

Also there is still an auction open to raise money for Haiti. It’s over here and it is for the single rarest copy of Stays Crunchy in Milk there ever was or will be. Also, the bidding is in CAD keep in mind but if the price goes over 100 I will pay shipping to anywhere in the world (as I write this it is at 80CAD – and winner pays shipping) so go and bid! Also Canada apparently is going to match bids. Huh.

Anyway, there you go. Stuff!

Elsewhere, Thursday, January 28

Lots of stuff I missed. Woops.

Burrito Blade updated of course.

Things Wrong With Me has a two-parter go up this week with Episode 101 and Episode 102.

There was a new Interpretive Dunce this week, with A-HA’s Take On Me.

And for those of you who own one: You can now buy STAYS CRUNCHY IN MILK on the Kindle.

Elsewhere – Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010

Yesterday, woops, Burrito Blade revealed Vol 2, Chapt 1, Page 4. Trust me, read it. Then understand 5 and 6 will be very helpful in understanding what happened in the break.

Things Wrong With Me posted Episode 99 – Beep Squeak today. 99 episodes, and a Bitch ain’t one! I was going to name an episode “Bitch” but decided not to, just so I could make that joke. Reward me by reading the cartoon.

Finally today, There’s a new Interpretive Dunce. Pop Goes the World by Men Without Hats. Do me a favor and suggest more songs for me to do next week. Without those suggestions the column will wither and die.

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