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Pebble Watch – review


Please keep in mind I have only had the watch for a few days. But with that: So the Pebble watch, for those that don’t know, was a Kickstarter project to make a watch that connects via Bluetooth to your phone and passes along notifications as well as being able to control music and so […]

New Monopoly is Big Brother.

So there’s a new Monopoly version coming, and it is horrible. It’s called “Monopoly Live” and will cost 50 bucks. So what? Well it has this ten inch tall tower in the center of the game. That tower controls everything. There’ no more paper money, only a “bank card” and no dice. The tower rolls […]

For real: Lightcycle

So these guys made a lightcycle that works. Well, kinda works. I mean it moves and you can ride it. It doesn’t seem to go very fast and well, there’s the entire lack of a solid wall of light trail going on, but I’ll forgive them that part. For now. Anyway. Here you go – […]