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Pebble Watch – review

Pebble Watch – review

Please keep in mind I have only had the watch for a few days. But with that:

So the Pebble watch, for those that don’t know, was a Kickstarter project to make a watch that connects via Bluetooth to your phone and passes along notifications as well as being able to control music and so on. So I backed it. I love watches. I love gadgets. This was perfect.

And well there was a delay but they built their theoretical schedule on selling 1,000 watches. They sold 80,000 so I understand the problem. Still.

The Pebble uses an e-ink screen so hooray for that. It has a lot of watch faces you can choose from and they say they will release a tool to create your own soon enough. Right now I am enjoying the text time watch face:


New Monopoly is Big Brother.

So there’s a new Monopoly version coming, and it is horrible. It’s called “Monopoly Live” and will cost 50 bucks. So what? Well it has this ten inch tall tower in the center of the game. That tower controls everything. There’ no more paper money, only a “bank card” and no dice. The tower rolls for you, and keeps track of your pieces, by saturating the board with infrared light. So when you cover your piece up it rolls for you (making dice noises) and then ensures you go the right number of spaces. Apparently there are also new events like a horse race, auctions, a gas tax, and there‚Äôs an option to pay a more to have your utilities upgraded so that they’re green.

So really you’re just a monkey moving pieces at the behest of this H.A.L.opoly board. It tells you when your turn is. It rolls the dice. It determines rent. It tells you how much money you have. Who the fuck would want to play that version?

You will, mind you, still be able to buy the real fucking game for under $20 once this monstrosity comes out.

And yes, fuckers, I played Battleship with graph paper, too. Get off my lawn.

Now with more annoying packaging!

This comes all the way from Hackaday (via John) – thanks to CES we’ve seen the face of the future of packaging and it is, in a word, evil. No, correct that, it’s:


This is all thanks to eCoupling, a new bit of tech that allows some induction power to happen on the shelves of your local store. They can track product use and movement and all that way, fine. But they can also use it to deliver tiny bits of wireless power to, oh say, your fucking cereal box:

Imagine when the whole store is like that. Every item on every shelf. Flashing and pulsing to get your attention. Imagine it. Now realize they’ll add sound in a year or so. To complete with the flashing and “stand out” some.

Welcome to the future. Now know fear.

For real: Lightcycle

So these guys made a lightcycle that works. Well, kinda works. I mean it moves and you can ride it. It doesn’t seem to go very fast and well, there’s the entire lack of a solid wall of light trail going on, but I’ll forgive them that part.

For now.

Anyway. Here you go – a bike you can die on, because my lord doesn’t this thing look like a deathtrap?

This is the story of Bob and Ted.

Bob, a skeleton, loved Ted, the pirate. Ted loved Bob.
All was right with the world as they danced and clattered about merrily.


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