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Amelia Cole Merchendise – Lemmy Head Pins

Amelia Cole Merchendise – Lemmy Head Pins

In order to celebrate the Feb 20th release of Amelia Cole issue 6 we decided to make a very short run of our first Amelia Cole merchandise. So, working with Jennifer Cunningham of Jen Hearts Art the Lemmy Head Pin (2″) was created.

When I say “working with” I mean Jennifer was told what we thought would be awesome and then she made it even cooler than it was conceived.

The pin is hand-crafted and painted, so each is slightly different. They are two inches in diameter and use a butterfly clutch pin for extra strength. Here are pictures of the pin:

Look, a pin!

And now for scale – a shiny quarter!

Want one? Act fast

* There are only 12 for sale.

* They cost $15 US (incl. shipping).

* They will arrive in a box way too big for the pin. Don’t ask. They’re the shipping boxes I have.

* Payment will be done via PayPal, yo.

* One per person.

So there ya go. 12 pins. $15 bucks a pop. Payment via PayPal. All pins will ship by (or before) 2/9.

Oh, right, you need a PayPal button. Click it!

Elsewhere – Thursday, Dec 10, 2009

Things Wrong With Me, episode 88 went up today.

I did a special Talking Heads, as well, with Hasslehoff, Kato and Tiger Woods.

And the second part of T-Shirts with Adam and Lauren (also known as Consumerism Wow!) went up!

Thirty emails.

Well it’s Monday. Just like that. No getting around it. It’s November 30th, people I know have put up Xmas trees and we’re in the slide to the end of the year. Just like that. Soon people will put up endless lists, best of the year, best of the decade type stuff, and so on. What were the songs you loved most, the TV moments that you loved best the movies, books, orgasms, toes, viruses, scented wax candles and pastries that you remember the most fond over the last decade.

Of course we’ll also have the flurry of posts about how this was a bad year and thank god it’s over and next year will be better. There are always far too many of those, I think. And I never do check, but I always mean to – how many of the people posting those posts do you think posted them in the last five years? Ever wonder about that? How many people have generally fine years but remember them badly, all the time, and just declare them all spoiled? I bet it isn’t a very small number. But regardless, those posts will happen.

It’s like the turning of the leaves. There are seasons to the internet and they have their signs. You know winter is truly here once NaNoWriMo and its 50,000 spin-offs start. Fall arrives with the posts of going back to school, either by students or parents. We’re creatures of habit and our environment both, these are the things that force us to think and we voice those thoughts. We turn our lives into a clock.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I’m certain, however, that it doesn’t matter if it is one or the other. Reality would suggest it’s neither. It’s what we make of it. And as we all turn our thoughts to looking back over the last year, and casting further, the last ten years let us remember that: It’s what we make of it.

Horrible, horrible things happened in the last decade. As well as magical, wonderful things. And what would life be without both those things? I don’t care about the horrible, anymore. The larger stuff we all know and have hashed out for years already. I’m not saying it doesn’t matter, some of it will always matter, I’m just saying we have already named it and given it our power. So let’s not give it more just this morning.

Instead I want to think about the good things. The inspired things that leave me in awe.

I met S.J. Tucker in the ’00s. I never see her, haven’t in many moons, we don’t talk, which is partly because she’s so busy it makes me look like the laziest bitch on the planet and then some, and partly because we don’t travel in the same circles really – but I still think of her almost every day. Her songs come up on my playlists, or stray thoughts or what have you. Her and K. It’s incredible to remember a time when a mutual friend said “You need to hear this woman sing and then invite her to a convention.” Boy was he right. I like to think I have helped her some, introduced her to a few folks, assisted her in shining her light, just the tiniest bit but that’s not really true. I, at best, helped hold open a door the tiniest bit – she was already stepping through it regardless of me. She is, now and for the foreseeable future, unironically, my rockstar.

I started writing professionally this decade, as well. Sometimes I forget that. TwoHeadedCat started in 2001, I sold my first short story not long after, worked for Too Much Coffee Magazine, where I met D.J. Kirkbride, all of this crazy writing goodness I deal with now – it’s about ten years old. Sure I prepared for it for most of my life before that, but it’s still new, really. I mean I can look at the chains from A to G on that and still see so many steps before Z it’s stunning. And inspiring and joyous.

I’ve met so very many people in the last ten years. So many who are dear to my heart. Some have since vanished from my life or circle, and some haven’t. Either way I cherish the time I had and will have with them, each and every one. People rule. I know I always say I don’t like people, and I mean it. I don’t. But I love people, too. A few folks understand that, and they nod when they read this. Some don’t and, well, that’s all right too.

Just this last year I started Legend of the Burrito Blade, my first webcomic. I met Renato and Lauren and we formed a team and friendships that have led to so many other things.

No this sort of list is endless and has too many names on it, too many events. Each one is amazing and special and wondrous. Not because my life is so ultra-magi-unicorn-special (though it is) but because I am willing to acknowledge all of the awesome it contains. Ten years is a long time. One year is a long time. Every year of my life I think “That last year had so many awesome things in it, surely I can’t cram more into another year!” and yet the number of them keeps going up. I really only say it to myself now while grinning. I know. I know how lucky I am, how hard I work and how amazing my friends and close ones are.

So here’s what I’m going to do about it, and what I am going to encourage you guys to do about it as well. This holiday season, whatever you celebrate, is a rough one for a lot of us in terms of money and stress. Instead of gifts I propose this:

Take the time to write the people closest to you. Send them an email, or a letter in the mail. Tell them how much they mean to you, and why. Share some history. Remind them of why they’re so close to your heart. Maybe they don’t know, maybe they do, either way a reminder is a magical thing. Thirty of them. Probably just scratching the surface for most of us. One email a day for the whole month. That’s it. Think of how much awesome and wonder we could spread. Between ourselves, our close ones and their close ones. Spread the idea, spread the joy. Thirty emails. That’s it. Think of the effect it can have on the people you love, and frankly, on yourself.

Thirty emails. We can all do it. Join me.

History is Funny.

I love a good t-shirt. No, strike that. I adore a good t-shirt. Recently a friend of mine opened up an online t-shirt store. I kinda groaned. I mean I love my friends and I wanna promote them but what if the shirts sucked? I mean that would be horrible, because I’d wanna say something but I couldn’t and then I wouldn’t wanna promote the store but I would wanna help and…

Luckily these shirts are so grand I want to buy each one and probably will over a period of time. History is Funny is the name of the store. To give you an idea of the shirts:

Dear lord I love these shirts.

Holiday Gift Guide – day nine – Top Ten – final

All right! It’s been a long fun road with Top Tens and now it comes to an end. With my list. Yup. My list.


Dhalgren – Delany’s amazing novel is one of those books that continues to live in your head for the rest of your life.

The Illuminatus! – Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson started something major here. This is the sort of work that has, over the years, invaded the culture to such a degree that if you never read the book you still reference it. So why not just read it.

Lonesome Dove – I love a good western. I mean, westerns are just kick-ass. This is the best western I know, in book form. I haven’t enjoyed any adaptation of it, but the book is amazing.

The Mike Hammer Collection Volume 1 – Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer is the font from which all hard boiled detectives grow. He could do more in short paragraph than many authors can manage in five pages. Tight as hell, his prose worked like a boxing match.

Raymond Chandler: Stories and Early Novels – On the other side of the noir spectrum you have Raymond Chandler. Also a master, his style boils down to a crisp jazz solo. Between Chandler and Spillane you have the building blocks for 90% of all modern noir.

Lord of Light – Zelazny’s greatest book (and a 1,000 Amber fans just screamed) but it’s true! Sorry guys. This is the one to wave in people’s faces and scream about.

The Princess Bride – William Goldman may be the greatest living screenwriter right now, and he is, but the novel that gave rise to his amazing screenplay and stunning movie of the same name is, frankly, better than the movie. Which is why the book is here and the movie is not below. For reals.

More Than Human – My personal favorite Sturgeon work. Sturgeon was one of the all time best writers around. Period. This book is still new and fresh.

Letters from the Earth – I knew there would be Twain on this list but which? That kept me up nights. I finally settled on this, a collection of essays and looks at man and faith from the point of view of Satan.

Classic Feynman: All the Adventures of a Curious Character – If you like science you need to read this book. If you don’t like science you need to read this book. If you are alive today you should probably read this book. If you’re dead – consider picking up a copy.


Leon – The Professional – Leon is, for my money, Besson’s best work. The movie works on every level it attempts. Stunning.

Ghostbusters – Ray, if someone asks you if you’re on their top ten list, you say YES.

Josie and the Pussycats – This might be the most sarcastic movie ever made. Also highly quotable. And funny.

Hudson Hawk – Yes I still adore this highly funny film. I always will. You can disparage it if you like, but you’re wrong.

Shaun of the Dead – Not only was it hysterical but this is also one of the tightest scripts I have ever seen.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – Possibly the greatest script ever filmed, Butch and Sundance just works. It works and you fall in love with it. Also Hill directed this in ways you can’t do anymore.

Brick – Modern noir done interestingly. This movie shouldn’t have worked half as well as it did. But it blew me away when I first saw it and still does, every time I watch it.

The Complete Thin Man Collection – If you’ve never seen any of these you desperately should. The start of the great comedic detective pairings, what we think of now as buddy movies starts here. With one of the best takes on it ever.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead – The only thing in the world to have changed Shakespeare forever. It’s the sort of film that you watch and then sit back and realize what you just saw. And then you kinda wanna watch it again right away.

Fight Club – It has flaws, but this is the perfect example of the sum being more than the parts. You can find problems, tiny ones, here and there. But all together the movie works across the board.

You can also go buy books with me in them: Bad-Ass Faeries (for some fairy fun, I have a very odd and insane story in it) and The Dead Walk Again! (in which I write a zombie western). You can also go to the Die Monster die! Store and buy the Strange Angel series (which is on sale. Actually you can buy Dead Walk Again there, too, also on sale.)

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