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Amelia Cole Merchendise – Lemmy Head Pins

In order to celebrate the Feb 20th release of Amelia Cole issue 6 we decided to make a very short run of our first Amelia Cole merchandise. So, working with Jennifer Cunningham of Jen Hearts Art the Lemmy Head Pin (2″) was created. When I say “working with” I mean Jennifer was told what we thought would be awesome and then she made it even cooler than it was conceived. The pin is hand-crafted and painted, so each is slightly different. They are two inches in diameter and use a butterfly clutch pin for extra strength. Here are pictures of the pin: Look, a pin! And now for scale – a shiny quarter! Want one? Act fast * There are only 12 for sale. * They cost $15 US (incl. shipping). * They will arrive in a box way too…

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Thirty emails.

Well it’s Monday. Just like that. No getting around it. It’s November 30th, people I know have put up Xmas trees and we’re in the slide to the end of the year. Just like that. Soon people will put up endless lists, best of the year, best of the decade type stuff, and so on. What were the songs you loved most, the TV moments that you loved best the movies, books, orgasms, toes, viruses, scented wax candles and pastries that you remember the most fond over the last decade. Of course we’ll also have the flurry of posts about how this was a bad year and thank god it’s over and next year will be better. There are always far too many of those, I think. And I never do check, but I always mean to – how many…

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History is Funny.

I love a good t-shirt. No, strike that. I adore a good t-shirt. Recently a friend of mine opened up an online t-shirt store. I kinda groaned. I mean I love my friends and I wanna promote them but what if the shirts sucked? I mean that would be horrible, because I’d wanna say something but I couldn’t and then I wouldn’t wanna promote the store but I would wanna help and… Luckily these shirts are so grand I want to buy each one and probably will over a period of time. History is Funny is the name of the store. To give you an idea of the shirts: Dear lord I love these shirts.

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