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An NYCWTF excerpt

This is a true story. It actually comes from my book NYCWTF which is all 100% true stories. But I was just thinking about this one so I am posting it here, as well. Go buy the book and make my publisher think it was a marketing strategy. My doorbell rang. I wondered who was […]

My Problems With Star Wars


Recently I got gifted the complete Star Wars on blu-ray. I’ve always had a strange relationship with Star Wars films. Empire Strikes Back is to blame for Scooby-Doo being ruined for me*. For example. But overall I think they can be a lot of silly fun. Except… The first movie is kinda shit. Now here’s […]

NY-PDX: The rest

Welcome back! No, really, I feel kinda bad. I wanted to update about the trip west every night but we’d get in after 12+ hours in the car and I just couldn’t face it, somehow. But now we’re here and all and I guess it is time to spin the magic time wheel back and […]

NYC to PDX – start

The movers were supposed to show up at 9am. At 8am, when they arrived, I was still asleep. So, putting on pants at speed, we went over all the paperwork. That’s when I saw they tried to give me a total insurance coverage of 3500. That’s it. For my entire move. Seems the full (very […]



On Monday, I’ll be 38. It was a while back that I realized shit needed to change. Part of that was me living in NY. I grew up here. I’ve lived here most of my life with tiny stints in other locations. I’ll always be a NY’er. But trying to make a living freelance writing […]

The Wrongest Number


So while having lunch today my phone went off. A text message from a number not in my contact list. Fine, happens, not strange. And I look. And it is directions and times for a funeral for someone whose name I do not know. And I look. And I think. I mean I’ve known a […]

Bible readin’

Mentioned this to D.J. Kirkbride earlier but I tend to, every few years, spend a few days reading the Bible. Now there are a few things to keep in mind here: 1 – I went to a Catholic school from grades 1-8. 2 – I am in no way Catholic / Christian / etc. It […]

Peas in a pod

Talking to Laura and just made a peas in pod joke (about moving PODs, but anyway) and it made me flash to something I had to stop and write about. When I was a kid, I got these stuffed peas. And I remember once, being in school and being sick. I went to a Catholic […]

Digital isn’t the only answer.

When you have a ton of deadlines that cross each other you learn to adapt. That adaptation can take funny forms. I use Google Calendar for all my schedules. I have Google calendars I make to schedule every project that I share with any collaborators. I keep my personal schedule updated with everything I do […]


I got my first Graze box. I’d heard about Graze and kinda whatever and then a friend mentioned it again and I checked it out more and needed an invitation. Which I was lucky enough to get. And so I got my first box. Let me back up and explain what Graze is. Graze is […]