I wasn’t planning on posting this, must less right now when I have a bunch of stuff to get done right now and I’m all busy and argh and… anyway: Religion. Faith. All that jazz. Not something I tend to really talk about in public. Not because I’m afraid of controversy, fuuuuuck y’all know me, but just because it has always been, for me, something that wasn’t anyone else’s business. At least not the internet-at-large’s So let’s talk about it. My family, from my grandparents (on both sides) back, is religiously Jewish. My mother and father, however, both converted away from Judaism before they even met. I, personally, have never asked why. None of my business. My mother is Protestant, my father was Catholic. You know, nominally. In the way a lot of people are. They’ve certainly both seen the…

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No more.

You want to see the face of entitlement, privilege and the general lack of empathy we all suspect is far more rampant and insidious than we wish it were? Let me introduce you to Larry’s Comics. Larry, who runs the twitter account for his comic book store, has in the past been called out for racist bullshit. See, back when the other universe version of Peter Parker was killed, there would be, of course, a new Spider-Man! Miles Morales, a mixed race teen in NY, would pick up the mantle of Spider-Man. Larry, on twitter, had this to say (and then delete, a day or so later once people started going “you said fucking what?!” – but Bleedingcool had screenshots): So yeah that shows you where we are with this. So last night, Christian Beranek (an out and open transgender…

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