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A start

The dragon roared as it died, shaking the ground beneath our feet. We could see the arcing lights of whatever high-born magic killed the giant lizard as they stained the sky and burnt the clouds. We just didn’t care. That was the high-born, doing their best to waste our world. We weren’t them, follow? No, […]

Do not edit


Stop it. Right now. Stop editing. Look, if you’re writing then your job is to write. That’s your only job. Because here’s the truth: Over 95% of people who try to write things never finish. This is the key to getting where you want. As silly as it sounds it is as simple as: Finish […]

Blog editors.


I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because I’m a neurotic space monkey with enough spare time to test tools and report on them for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, I remain a monkey, in a capsule, in space. Oh god, I’m running out of aiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr… But why did I use Grammarly? That’s part of […]

Compared to who?

old typewriter keys

Do not compare yourself to other people. This isn’t easy to do. It really isn’t. But it can be crucial. I can not put out a book and look at the sales and think “Well, Stephen King would have sold more.” – of course he would have. I am not Stephen King. Sad for me. […]

Digital isn’t the only answer.

When you have a ton of deadlines that cross each other you learn to adapt. That adaptation can take funny forms. I use Google Calendar for all my schedules. I have Google calendars I make to schedule every project that I share with any collaborators. I keep my personal schedule updated with everything I do […]

Script process changes.

This last week I was writing in three different comic series at once. Which… well it can hurt the brain. The interesting part is that they also were being written with three totally different techniques. Then I thought: I should write about them! So I am. Script One was done in a Marvel Style. I’ve […]