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Poor Ubuntu

Ubuntu, that great desktop linux version, is releasing a version of itself for android phones. Basically when you dock your phone it will let you boot your machine into Ubuntu and share the same contracts, data and so on that are on your phone. Email, bookmarks, etc – all will be on your desktop when […]


Turns out there’s a small but growing movement of finding sperm donors on Craigslist. Now look. Fertility clinics are expensive. I get that. It’s fucked up and a rough bit of business. But turning to guys offering free sperm on Craigslist isn’t going to ever be the way to go. Come on! I don’t tend […]

Lasers. Spines.

There I was, looking at a website, nothing out of the ordinary at all. And I clicked on a link and a new page loaded and there, in the corner, was an ad: Blah blah blah, back pain, scam, send us money, neck hurts, pain in my ass maybe, who cares, whatever, go fuck yourse… […]

Sherwin-Williams is not subtle.

The Sherwin-Williams logo might be the worst logo ever. Not because it’s ugly or accidently looks like something it isn’t. No it’s horrible because I suspect it looks exactly like they meant it to look. Here, this is the original logo: Yeah. They sell paint. And they want to cover the Earth. You know, with […]

Triple double

As if crap food wasn’t crap enough we now have Nabisco offering up the Oreo “Triple Double” this summer. Yes, it’s about 1.5 double stuffs. It still isn’t as bad for you as the old Big Stuff was, but they killed that off—probably because it killed too many innocents. Seriously. Fucking stop. Look, I understand […]