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Love. Death. Zombies. Demons. Teddy bears. Figments of your imagination.

Those are just a few of the things waiting for you inside Adam P. Knave’s CRAZY LITTLE THINGS. Horror collides with just about every other genre within reach to help bring his twisted worlds to life. These twelve tales of strangeness include three new stories exclusive to this volume: “Pretty Little Dead Girls,” “Dead Side Story” and “Causing Effect.” Also included are both legendary Mister Binkles tales, as well as the critically acclaimed novella, Crazy Little Thing.


  • Pretty Little Dead Girls
  • Futuristic Cybernetic Fairy Assassin Hasballah
  • Meat
  • Mister Binkles and the Curious Case of Changed Perspective
  • Causing Effect
  • After These Messages… – Download in PDF right now!
  • High Noon of the Living Dead – Download in PDF right now!
  • Mister Binkles and the Highly Adaptable Future
  • Flesh Wounds
  • Dead Side Story
  • Crazy Little Thing
  • Ode to Brains

“Adam P. Knave’s collection of short fiction is a grandiose romp through a universe of vast scope and huge imagination – which was startling, because I thought the operative word was ‘short'” – Dustin Grovemiller, Managing Editor, the footnote

“This book could be my best friend when I’m in the bathroom. And I’m not just saying that because I’m out of toilet paper, or a friend to wipe for me.” – Shannon Wheeler, Too Much Coffee Man

“The stories in Crazy Little Things find author Adam P. Knave at his best, offering readers a taste of literary cyanide served with a grin, much in keeping with the spirit of the late, great Robert Bloch.” – Daniel R. Robichaud, HorrorReader.com [Read the full review!]