Cthulhu Sex #24, vol II

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Cthlhu Sex #22 – A fine magazine published by, well who else but Cthulhu Sex?

The sequel to Mr. Binkles and the Curious Case of Changed Perspective appears here. I decided to call it Mister Binkles and the Highly Adaptable Future Well. What can I say except it takes place in the future, has a weapon of mass desrtuction and serves up even more Binkles insanity. The full content listing for this issue of Cthulhu Sex is as follows:

Cthulhu Sex: Blood, Sex and Tentacles. The magazine of horror, erotica and everything in between. Cover art: Mike Bohatch.

Other art by Allen Koszowksi, Cameron Gray, Adam Johns, and Christopher Lee Donovan.


  • Acid Man (pslam) by Karen L. Newman
  • Twitter by Ralph Greco, Jr.
  • Nine Hundred of the Swarm and the Hive’s Disgrace: A Tale in Rhyme (psalm) by Scott S. Lawski
  • All the Pretty Girls by Ronald Damien Malfi
  • Tantric (psalm) by Julie Shiel
  • One Breath by Monica J. O’Rourke
  • Was (psalm) by Gabriel Inman
  • Dark Dalliance (psalm) by Duana Monroe
  • Alive and Squirming by Brian Pederson
  • 53 (psalm) by Stanley R. F.
  • Growing Pains (psalm) by Brian Rosenberger
  • Indulgence by Kurt Strouse
  • The Embrace (psalm) by Jjustin Josephnek Klor
  • Mister Binkles and the Highly Adaptable Future by Adam P. Knave
  • Tales of the Crimson Succubus Nine Orders of Angels: A Trinity within a Trinity by Carmine
  • Dear Cthulhu by Patrick Thomas

SFReader.com mentioned Binkles: The finishing piece is “Mister Binkles and the Highly Adaptable Future” by Adam P. Knave, who has quite possibly the greatest bio ever printed: “Increase your bust size cheap mortgage Adam P. Knave new Rolex lives in NY you’ve been selected www.hellblazer.net lowest approval rate don’t miss out adampknave@gmail.com Cialia Viagra Valium cheap rent today buy penis extender low rates own home and car today.” He’s also written a fine story about the titular teddy bear-like toy…