A start

The dragon roared as it died, shaking the ground beneath our feet. We could see the arcing lights of whatever high-born magic killed the giant lizard as they stained the sky and burnt the clouds. We just didn’t care. That was the high-born, doing their best to waste our world. We weren’t them, follow? No, […]

My Problems With Star Wars


Recently I got gifted the complete Star Wars on blu-ray. I’ve always had a strange relationship with Star Wars films. Empire Strikes Back is to blame for Scooby-Doo being ruined for me*. For example. But overall I think they can be a lot of silly fun. Except… The first movie is kinda shit. Now here’s […]

Why we do not need to renumber Doctors


All right look. Hurt isn’t playing the Valeyard but this comes into play. Spoiler for the mini-episode “The Night Doctor” so watch that first I suppose. …still here…? All right… And… go! The Valeyard comes between the 12th and 13th regeneration of the Doctor but is not considered the 12th or 13th regeneration. Just like […]

Do not edit


Stop it. Right now. Stop editing. Look, if you’re writing then your job is to write. That’s your only job. Because here’s the truth: Over 95% of people who try to write things never finish. This is the key to getting where you want. As silly as it sounds it is as simple as: Finish […]

NY-PDX: The rest

Welcome back! No, really, I feel kinda bad. I wanted to update about the trip west every night but we’d get in after 12+ hours in the car and I just couldn’t face it, somehow. But now we’re here and all and I guess it is time to spin the magic time wheel back and […]