Via CNN.com: WASHINGTON (CNN) — Democrats will control both the House and Senate after Jim Webb won a Senate seat by about 7,200 votes in Virginia, The Associated Press reported Wednesday. Webb will have a formal press conference Thursday morning to officially declare victory, an aide said. A source close to Sen. George Allen says […]


Whose House? Run’s House! Where Run is a duly elected Democrat, that is. Though technically all houses are Run’s houses. So really, it’s still Run’s house. Regardless. But also, if Run did = a duly elected Democrat it would still be his house, you see. Either way, is all I’m saying. Because it doesn’t matter, […]

Save Wal-ma… what?

Save Walmart.com – These guys are great. Listen: “God blessed Wal-Mart because Sam Walton chose to honor God and run his business according to biblical principles. Then Something Happened! American businesses across the nation are being blackmailed by the devil himself. They are being forced by the “politically correct” dogma (abortion, homosexuality, etc) of our […]