Two scenes from last night

Little girl in a stroller. She’s in a neon green bodysuit covered with shiny bits and sparkles. Head to toe green princess and loving life. Sitting in her stroller like it is a throne. Her mother and father push her down the block. “Honey, you can’t have more candy or you might get sick,” her […]

Sunday Nights

There is something nice about having dinner and drinks with S.J., Ariana, CMV, Joe and Sinboy and K’Wiley. Something addictively nice. God I’ve missed S.J., Cat and K. They’re the type of folks that just make where they are home. And Rasputin’s penis, Ninja Quinn, Medicine Woman and Madonna each only came up for a […]

Historical Nudity

Naughty American History Well. It’ss to be a game of strip history quiz. Male or female teacher. Pick one and answer multiple choice questions and watch videos of them stripping if you get a question right. They are timed. Obviously NSFW. More than that I do not know, but the idea amuses me.

Book clubbing

So I was thinking the other day about reading groups. Some of you belong to them. Some don’t. I’m talking to the some that do, really, with this post. If you are in a reading group and want to read a book, have you considered The Nature of Monsters by Ronald Damien Malfi? Well, if […]