Head Over Heels: Literal Version

From the guys that brought you the Take On Me literal version comes a new outing:

Zod Kitchens

Thanks to David for the heads-up.


The rumors are true! I am, in fact, spending this weekend writing. In other news: the sky is blue and the sun is hot.

Talking Heads – Before the Debate, 1

Remember, the Talking Heads Presidential Debate between Doctor Doom and General Zod will happen on October 30th or 31st (depending on schedules) right here! But now, before the debate…

Have you heard?

Yes, fleshbag, of course I heard. Does not all information flow through my circuits?

You wish it did, useless vacuum cleaner of a device.

I can vaporize you.

Then do it.

I… I don’t want to just yet.


Burrito Blade: The iconing.

Quick post. If you aren’t reading Burrito Blade by RSS feed yet:

Over at The Download Page we now have the first three downloadable icons for your use! A bit of a reveal here. Now you know three characters names and what they look like. Who are they?

Well, find out in January.

And add Burritoblade.com to RSS now, so you don’t miss any more exciting and strange updates to things between now and then. Only some of it will end up here.

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