Sometimes people ask me things. When they do, I answer. It feels polite. Below is a list of some interviews I’ve done around the interwebs. If you’d like to interview me just drop me a line at adampknave @

(December ’11) I showed up and sat down with Slim and Eric to record a quick 15 minute podcast for Comixology. The podcast itself is here.

(September ’11) CNN talked to D.J. Kirkbride, Gabriel Ba and myself about the Harvey awards. The article is here.

(December ’10) DNAinfo talked to me about books, writing, and stuff in general in a short bit they called Inwood Writer Bucks the New York Trend, Embraces Optimism.

(December ’10) Fandomania talked to me some about all sorts of writing stuff. The interview is here.

(March ’10) Comicvine likes Popgun vol 4, too, and did a Mega-Interview with a bunch of us.

(March ’10) Rich Johnston talks to a whole mass of people involved with Popgun vol 4, including me in an Eleven person “twinterview.

(Nov ’09) Christian Dumais and I talked about process and writing over on Empty Rooms Lonely Countries.

(October ’09) Cindy Potts asked me a bunch of questions about pop culture and Crunchy on Smart Shoppers Secrets.

(Sept ’09) Tim O’Shay interviewed me about Crunchy for Talking With Tim.

(April ’09) Jeff Lester at Savage Critic did a three part interview with me about all sorts of things. Part one is about Popgun and Agents of the WTF. Part two is almost all about Popgun. Part three is all about Burrito Blade.

(March ’09) Jen over at The Pulse did an interview with me about Popgun 3 and such that you can read here

(August ’09) Mark Deniz did an interview with me for A Writer Goes on a Journey. You can read the whole thing here if you like. What amuses me is how a few of the things I mentioned got shifted badly in time. So take the feelings as true and the facts as funny historical mistakes.