Strange Angel Experiment

So here’s a fun experiment to try! I am going to give you an electronic download of my book Strange Angel and you pay what you want for it. If you go buy it in digital from Amazon it would cost you five bucks. In print it costs more like 15. Now – it costs what you feel it’s worth, what you can afford or what you just damn well feel like paying.

Look, yes I’d like to make some money from this. Of course I would! But I don’t mind if you grab the book for free, either. what I want is for you to enjoy it.

I have DRM free .epub, .mobi, and .pdf versions of the book for you, so download whatever works for you. Clicking the paypal button will take you to the donation page and that will take you to the download. Enjoy!

PLEASE READ the two notes following:

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NOTE TWO: If you wish to pay NOTHING, please CLICK HERE to go right to the download page as Paypal won’t let you donate zero dollars.

Susie Sparrow’s life has turned upside down. She’s merged with Ferapont, who says he is an angel, and has dedicated her life to ridding the world of demon possessed people. Unfortunately she is also in High School. Trying to schedule fights around school, hanging out with friends and dinner with the parents might be too much for one girl with large flaming wings to handle. But don’t tell her that. This volume collects all three volumes of the hit novella series as well as the original short story that started it all. As an added bonus it also contains a never before seen end story, exclusive to this volume!

“Strange Angel is fun, scary, gory, action packed, and surprisingly touching… This book is highly recommended for any fans of Buffy or just good, fun, dramatic horror and fantasy.” — D.J. Kirkbride, author of SOULLESS

“Knave’s intense vision is packed with occult thrills. His brutal meditations on the struggle between good and evil create a fast-paced narrative bristling with gothic horror appeal. This dark action series is bound to be popular with fans of the recent surge in horror film.” –John Edward Lawson, author of LAST BURN IN HELL

“And even though I have repeated this time and time again, Knave is one of my favorite writers. His style is intimate and provocative, quietly humorous and always intelligent. He has this amazing ability to make you question everything you believe in, while passing you a beer and telling you a dirty joke. And never was it showcased more then in this series. That’s right, people, Knave has fucking arrived!” -Kelly “Bloodymary” Perry,

“If you’ve been missing some Buffy, but want to read something with a unique twist, the Strange Angel series of novellas by Adam P. Knave is a great joyride.” – Adrienne Jones, author of BRINE

“Strange Angel is an action-packed, dramatic read that will spur readers onward as Susie and Ferapont grow together to overcome the evil forces that threaten the world. Throughout the five novellas, Knave does an excellent job of painting a picture for the reader — no easy task in an action-packed fantasy book that involves explosions, “angels,” flaming wings of death, and various other fantastic elements.” – Fandomania