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I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because I’m a neurotic space monkey with enough spare time to test tools and report on them for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, I remain a monkey, in a capsule, in space. Oh god, I’m running out of aiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr… But why did I use Grammarly? That’s part of a bigger discussion.

Editing is a funny thing. Most pro-writers I know extol the virtues of working with an editor. A lot of self-pub authors, not to bag on them but…, they tend to shun editors. Editors are pricey they say. They can just edit themselves all the way start to finish they say. It’s close enough they say.

They are wrong.

A good editor is worth double whatever you pay them. They do more than spell check and grammar check. They help you tease out the truths you want to say, but subtly miss in your own work.

But that’s prose, and comics and the like. What about blogs. Have you ever known of a personal blog with an editor? And yet some of them make money off their work, and you would think they would want to put their best foot forward. I am a huge supporter of editors, and yet I don’t hire one to proofread my blog entries.

We’re lax about it. We feel these are informal places and so why use an editor, and I get that. But once you use it for professional purposes, shouldn’t you, well, be a professional about it and treat it like you would anything else you’re serious about writing? Probably.

Then you come to realize you would need to pay an editor. For blog posts, you aren’t making much money on at all. Still, it would improve what you did, I’m willing to bet. Your writing would read sharper, and your ideas would end up better expressed.

It comes down to a simple question: What is your blog worth to you?

And this is where Grammarly might come in. Honestly I am not sold on it yet. I’m intrigued by it but far from sold. It’s a service you can upload writing to and check it against a bunch of rules and such (it’ll even do plagiarism checks) to improve the look and feel of your writing. Which is awesome – in theory. There are a number of filters for checks (depending on the type of writing) and, generally, it seems to work.

But it isn’t an editor. Mind you, they are sort of paying me to review their product, but really I Wanted to fold it into a much bigger discussion about editing and blogging and how we perceive it. I mean as a platform to make money it is a professional thing and should be treated as such. But as an expression of just a person, lounging and chatting that happens to also bring in some money – where do we land?

I think we need to talk this out, a bunch of us. I’ll tell you though – I will be offering an Editor For Blogs service, probably soon. Tiered and so on. So mail (adampknave @ gmail) if you want super cheap rates or to discuss it. Because this sort of thing needs to happen for the community, I think.

Most importantly how do you feel about Blog Editors for personal blogs?

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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