NYC to PDX – start

The movers were supposed to show up at 9am. At 8am, when they arrived, I was still asleep. So, putting on pants at speed, we went over all the paperwork.

That’s when I saw they tried to give me a total insurance coverage of 3500. That’s it. For my entire move. Seems the full (very much more) coverage got forgotten. So there were calls and a bit of stressed yelling.

They started to work. Now a bunch of stuff isn’t going in the move, I’ll get back to that, but since there hadn’t been time before they got there to finish moving some stuff around flat surfaces not going were quickly receptacles for stray bits that were also not going. Which meant there were no flat surfaces left to sit on.

Anyway, the movers themselves were champs. They didn’t slow down for six hours. Each bookcase was lovingly wrapped in blankets and tape and then cling wrapped like a cocoon. Boxes were filled (we’d packed, but you know the hat rack, etc. all had to be boxed.) and wrapped and hauled down.

They also packed the kitchen for us, which was awesome. Now, the kitchen is the last remnant of a fun game I like to play in places I live. I hide little toys in cabinets and, well, the freezer even, just all over. For fun. If you find them, feel free to move them! It’s a fun little game.

The guy packing the kitchen never even blinked. Just put each toy into a box with everything else. Making sure to get each last one. Of course he looked at my bright orange, perfectly cubed microwave and called me over.

“Sir? Is this full of water maybe? Do I…”

“That’s a microwave.”

“It is? Oh… no, really?” And I opened it and showed him proof. He laughed. That microwave was his little highlight for the day.

I had also carefully, because I had a roll of mover’s cling wrap myself (don’t ask) wrapped my baseball bat, mic stand, guitar stand and canes in a bit cocoon bundle. Thought it’d be helpful for later. Well the foreman stops. Looks at it. Looks at me. Pokes the cocoon with a finger, tenderly.

“What… what is that?”

“You know, canes, mic stand, just… sticklike stuff. I thought that way…” He didn’t let me finish, just grabbed it up and put it in a box, shaking his head. Of course we also used a bunch of 20 gallon water tight plastic bins. I can not recommend this idea enough. They’re way more money than boxes but hold more, and can be used later for storage and stuff. They’re also tougher. So, anyway, around 90% of non-media stuff was in bins like that. Now, the bins have holes in the corner of the lids and bin itself so you can cable tie them shut. Prevents accidents.

I, of course, cable tied my bins shut. Because though it would be annoying on the other side I didn’t want to have one fall… op… what’s that? You’re going to cocoon each bin so thick it couldn’t open if God Himself tried without a sturdy knife, some acid and a lot of luck? Oh. Well. Glad I did that extra work and made this stupider for myself then.

Anyway, sometime that afternoon they finished, we grabbed food and came back to deal with everything else.

See, we don’t leave till tomorrow. there is a lot of stuff that isn’t going – the couch and beds and desks for example, that we had to hire a company to haul the crap away. They come tomorrow morning. But in the meantime everything coming with us in the car (computers, laptops, coffee maker, whiskey, cat – THE ESSENSIALS) has to be packed and gathered and stuff needs to be thrown out and…

So that was the rest of the day.

Soon I try and sleep (I’ve been sleeping worse than ever of course, because of course) and get up in the morning to try and organize the hauling and the last organization of the car stuff at the same time (not me alone, none of this has been me alone and I probably haven’t even done the lion’s share of the work, to be fair) so we can get on the road and hit Chicago in the first push.

There will be updates as best I can, probably at night, after a full day, before I pass out. Because I can.

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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