NY-PDX: The rest

Welcome back! No, really, I feel kinda bad. I wanted to update about the trip west every night but we’d get in after 12+ hours in the car and I just couldn’t face it, somehow. But now we’re here and all and I guess it is time to spin the magic time wheel back and look at what went on.

Tuesday we waited for the guys to come and haul the last stuff out of the apartment so we could get on the road. They were supposed to show between 8-10 and that normal means 9:30. We were gonna be on the road by maybe 11, since we had 12 hours to Chicago. They showed up at almost noon.

After they were done we loaded the car. Except the car didn’t want to hold as much as we thought it would. And so a buncha stuff got left behind. No choice. All replaceable. And we were off. And there was driving. And driving. And driving. And the cat was fine, just sleeping in his carrier, which was awesome.

Though – in Ohio.. well see we had to get a ticket to enter the Ohio turnpike. Laszlo grabs the ticket and tries to stick it into a slot in the dash. It’s dark at this point, keep in mind. And I hear “Oh, wait, no, hey!” and see it seem to go into the CD player. But I thought he pulled it back. No, it got sucked into the CD player. Just whoosh. Sucked right in. And we drove and considered what to do. Gamely I hit the eject button, because that wouldn’t work but might be fun to try.

The CD player happily ejected the ticket. Just spat it right out like nothing had been abnormal about it eating a slip of paper in the first place.

And we drove on. We hit Chicago that night and stayed in a perfectly fine little hotel. Of course the night manager came out to say hi while we were parking to unload and locked himself out of the hotel – but hey. That happens, right?

Wedsnesday we hit the road at around 9, having gotten in at like 2am the night before. Really Weds was just a day. A day of endless driving. Easily 15 hours in the car. It just sort of happened. We listened to a lot of the audio book version of John Dies at The End (Yeah I’ve bought two copies of the book over the years, and the movie and now this. We both may adore this book, just sayin’) to try and keep sane.

Keep in mind, I don’t drive so all this insanity was Laszlo heroically managing to not kill me for being useless. The cat has an excuse, at least. My, I got thumbs. But anyway…

We stopped in Cheyenne and landed in a hotel full of snarky people. People who told us the parking lot “A few blocks down” was secure. If they meant “Not at all secure and fuck you” they would have been right. That might be what they meant though, so I won’t call them liars.

Thursday we decided to hit Boise instead of pushing all the way through. Because that would have been dumb. Boise is fun to say. Boise Boise Boise. That there is Boise.

Going through Utah we found that part of i84 was on fire. Literally. A fuel tanker had overturned and set the road itself on fire. So we got diverted. Onto Rainbow Road. No other way to describe it. Like a goat path someone had paved it was this road that curved with hairpin turns up and up and up and then down down down all the while not bothering to have rails. Just speeding toward a turn and there’s open sky in front of you, oh god, here we go, off a cliff and into the… nope, there’s more road. Harrowing. Truly insane. People out there must keep that road around as a fucking prank.

Friday we set out for the final push. Lots of desolation and barren hills and such to drive through and then Portland.

Adventure over, right? Nope. Because we got to a freezing house. Two facts for you: in NY Con Ed does electric and gas. In CA PG&E is Pacific Gas and Electric. In Portland PGE is Portland General Electric. So I set up service with PGE but didn’t bother to call NW Natural, you know, the gas company.

So no heat or hot water since we’ve been here. That will be fixed tomorrow. Also no real internet, just this hotspot I need to extra stingy with because it is how I do my dayjob, until the 29th. So that makes life interesting. Keep in mind the TV and all don’t show up till possibly Nov 6th. So it’s been quiet.

Anyway I think that catches everything up but there could be future “Oh, I forgot XYZ” type things eventually. Who knows. Not me.

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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