Time is a bastard.

Time is a bastard. We lose people, we lose heroes and influences, people close to us across a spectrum. 2016 has been a giant honking reaper-fest for a lot of us. David Bowie | Alan Rickman | Carrie Fisher | Garry Shandling | Prince When you lose someone you might never have met it can feel odd, awkward even. They touched your life, changed it in ways they’d never know, and contributed to who you are and who you will be. Each one of them helped shape you, and you will help shape people in your own life. Patty Duke | Mohamed Ali | Anton Yelchin | Gene Wilder | Florence Henderson A lot of people will be snide, telling you “People die every year.” They’ll say “Just wait for next year.” and sure, that’s true, too. But it isn’t…

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