Comics in brief, because I don’t have time to do a whole thing just now —

I write two webcomics:

Legend of the Burrito Blade (updating every M/W/F) – an action/adventure/humor comic, done in full comic pages. With art by Renato Pastor and edited by Lauren Vogelbaum, Burrito Blade is both a fanciful romp exploring both what happens to mythology when it encounters humans as well as the flip side of that problem.

Things Wrong With Me (updating every Tu/Th) – a webcomic with almost no art! Minimal artwork, in this case all headshots of the main characters, were done by Matteo Scalara and are the entirety of the artistic content. The strip is done in conversation mode, simply six friends having different conversations. And as anyone can attest to, conversations with your friends can get downright strange.

Aside from webcomics I am also the assistant editor of the Popgun comics anthology that is released by Image. With over 400 pages of awesome comics in ever volume, Popgun is a joy to read. Assistant editing for it as been a hell of a lot of fun and twice as much work. Still, the fun is worth it all.

Agents of the W.T.F. (that’s Weird, Theoretical and Fantastical) is a six page story that was written by both me and D.J. Kirkbride, drawn by Matteo Scalara, colored by Antonio Campo and lettered by Thomas Mauer and appears in Popgun Vol 3.

You can see a preview page of the story by clicking here.

You can buy Popgun Vol 3 from Amazon by clicking here.