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A few months ago my first novel in quite some time, THIS STARRY DEEP, was published. In the back of the book it had a small teaser for the sequel THE ENDLESS SKY, to come in 2017. Well that date might slip by a few months into 2018 but to make up for it 2017 will see the first ever ebook version of my novella CRAZY LITTLE THING.

CLT is one of my all-time fave things I’ve written. So I am super excited to be able to share it with you guys again. It’s a love story. I mean a love story the way I do them, which…look it’s a love story, all right?

But that’s not all! Along with those two bits of news I can officially announce that around (roughly) a year after THE ENDLESS SKY another novel will come out:


Oh, and about year after that novel comes out?


Oh, but around year after that book comes out?


None of them are related to the world of THIS STARRY DEEP. They may be related to each other in a small way that won’t impact reading. They aren’t a trilogy. They aren’t quite a shared world. It’s stranger than that. You’ll see, but I promise you won’t have to read all of them to enjoy any of them.

Partnering with Creative Guy Publishing has been nothing but fun so we’re double…err..triple…well quintupling down I guess. So there you have it. New novels from me every year-abouts for the next bunch of years.

Now if you haven’t bought THIS STARRY DEEP, well, you should. In print or in digital, either way.

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