Free Fiction

Here is where you’ll find a selection of fiction I’ve written that is free for the reading. Most stories will be available both in serialized formats and PDF for ease of downloading. The links below will take you to the index page of each story online.

…After These Messages
High Noon of the Living Dead
Never Bite the Homeless
Stays Crunchy in Milk – This is a 67 page PDF, all of Part One of the novel.
Bastard Claus vs. The Anti-Robot Christmas Invasion – I wrote a short story for Xmas, because I could.
The Handbasket was a bit I wrote for a different site originally but it’s ended up here.
What Happens After the Leaving is a short bit about finding a family.
Glitter – This is why I fear the stuff. This is why we need to ban glitter right now.
Radioactive – There are times I miss the Cold War and want to write very short love stories after a fashion.