Dream spaces

I dunno. Maybe everyone does this. I honestly don’t know. But since I was a kid I dream in reoccurring places. Not real places, mind you. But buildings, homes, apartments, structures – that are the same as they were the night and week before.

I will then have dreams in that space generally until I move, or am about to move. When I am about to move I end up in a different space that lasts until I have moved. After that the space tends to stay the same.

Every now and then it will radically shift and for a few years I’ll be in a new space but they are pretty stable. Stable to the point I can map them out. Each space has an internal consistency that holds and dreams take place in them. Ordinary dreams – phone calls, neighbors, whatever it is. Just small, normal dreams where I am living a similar, but slightly different, live in a place that isn’t anywhere I’ve ever lived or seen.

When I was younger there was a small window where I became convinced that when I dreamed I switched and was able to see one of my parallel dimension lives. Which means sometimes when I’m awake they can see through my eyes.

Where I live is no more fantastic than the dream-buildings. Though they often have tunnels and wide spaces that I never get to enjoy.

These spaces are in places without name. Like I said there are neighbors – I get to know them over the course of years of dreams with them, but they are never people I have met or see outside of the dreams and they don’t shift location.

The dreams all have continuity, too, besides just spatially. If in one dream, well like last night – one of my neighbors and I talked as he walked his bike through the underground tunnel that connected the neighborhood through our basements. And he and I discussed bolting down a nick bike rack in an off-shoot hallway of the tunnel.

Sometime this month I am sure we will do that, or will have done it. It’ll be there, or there will be a reason for it not to be there.

I like to think everyone has this. I dunno.

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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