Jenny got nothing on me.

Over the weekend I decided to do something truly silly. I changed my Google Voice number with the express intent of making it public. It doesn’t ring to my real phone (and that number hasn’t changed and is still very private) be it for texts or voicemails, but I thought it would be fun to make it public.

Because most of the people who read this are all kinda crazy in their own ways.

So, with that in mind – my public number is (941) APKNAVE. Yup. There you go.

You can call it and leave me voicemail or text it or whatever. And eventually I will hear your messages and … you know – I’ll hear them. So there you go. totally 100% useless leveraging of technology!

For nothing resembling a good time, call (941) APKNAVE!

It’s true – sometimes I do things simply because they make me laugh and because I can. This here would be one of those times.

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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