Amelia Cole and the Box Full of Wrenches

There are times you do things because, well, you can. This is a story about one of those times.

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World is a dear, dear, project to all of us who work on it. From myself, to D.J. Kirkbride, to Nick Brokenshire to Rachel Deering – we are a team. We each put in our best work and refuse to settle for anything that isn’t right for the book. It’s special to us. I know, for me, that this book is the first ongoing I’ve really been involved with.

And so I realized I wanted to commemorate it with the rest of the team. We needed something… something that would mean a lot to each of us. There could have been t-shirts – a lot of people do t-shirts. Staff shirts or something along those lines, I mean. Totally could have happened. But anyone could do staff shirts.

Which is when I had the idea.

Amelia uses a rather unique wand in the book. It’s a bright red pipe wrench. Well… we have pipe wrenches here in the real world, too! So off to Amazon I went where I placed an order for a bunch of pipe wrenches. I’m fairly sure that ended up with me on a watch list of some sort. No one just orders a handful of solid iron pipe wrenches out of the blue, right?

But just sending a random wrench felt more like… I don’t know, some kind of late 70’s Bronson thriller threat. “I’m’a get chu, wit this wrench!” it would feel like, as people opened boxes with wrenches in them. So I thought “I know, I’ll make a stencil and paint the logo of the book on it!”

This was a great idea except for reality. Because you see wrenches don’t have huge heads and tiny tiny stencils of curvy letters being cut out by hand are sort of… Laura helped and she tried and there’s this problem with reality again. If instead I could have had a laser programmed to etch it, or cut out the stencil maybe them. Maybe.

Really though the paint would have slopped and it would’ve looked like crap anyway.

So, instead, being my savior yet again, Laura offered to hand do the logo lettering with a paint pen. And she did. Beautifully.

And then they went in the mail and we waited. See, Rachel could get hers at NYCC and D.J. is just over in L.A. but Nick is on another continent so I got the others to agree to not mention the wrenches until Nick got his. He got it today. Then he called me crazy.

Oh, you want to see the wrenches, don’t you. Right! Here you go:

So yeah. We have done something great with this comic of ours. No matter what happens with it going forward (and it is going forward, trust me), no matter the changes (and there are changes, but you’ll hear about those as they roll out) we have come together and created a story and a comic that we are proud of, and a team of people that genuinely like each other. And that, I tell you true, needs to be celebrated and remembered.



Look, Amelia Cole and the Unknown World issue 4 comes out on the 31st and we hope you buy it and enjoy it. Of course we do! And we also hope that if you have been reading you’re spreading the word – writing reviews and blog posts and tweets about it to help us grow stronger and sell more. But either way, regardless of everything else – I just wanted to share that behind the scenes we are just as silly and crazy as you might expect and that, most of all, we’re people with 10-inch cast iron wrenches that can club people and… wait, no, that wasn’t it at all. It was that we like each other, a bunch, and can also hit people with pipe wrenches if need be.

Giving a bunch of artist-types heavy, deadly, wrenches – there are have been worse ideas.

I think.

P.S. – There may be a secret extra wrench for an eventual contest prize but I’m not telling.

By Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave wrote this, but you knew that, since this is his site. That's kinda how it works.

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