When Squeebles the hamster and ordinary citizen Mark Burrvino end up caught in the same mystical energy wave they merge! Now Mark and Squeebles share a brain, and a body: ostensibly a normal human, possessed of bigger teeth and admittedly furry. And so Mark decides that despite gaining no super powers what-so-ever (though to be fair he has the proportional everything of a hamster – they’re just, you know, hamsters) he will fight crime as:


Using his emergency MANSTER BALL for both protection and transport, MANSTER will fight crime no matter where it lurks, so long as it doesn’t lurk somewhere too narrow for the MANSTER BALL, really.

Mark is beset by problems:

– Squeebles offers constant advice. In hamster squeaks. Which make no sense to Mark as he doesn’t speak hamster.

– Where did that mystical energy wave come from and has it affected other citizens? (spoiler alert: it has and eventually Mark will meet E-Lizard-Beth and the Pelican’t as well as the evil Steve-anha.)

– He now poops in pellets. That’s just odd.

– He really isn’t great at crime fighting.

MANSTER! A new comic coming never!

And the amazing Lar DeSouza has drawn the MANSTER cover:

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